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New items drops have been added to the Forest hunting area. These new drops are BONE, PELT, RBTMEAT (Rabbit meat), IRNWOOD (Ironwood). They will be important crafting ingredients for more recipes later on. Changelog: Added damage taken to the Hunt HistoryAdded new Forest drops to mapNew crafting materials: BONE, PELT, RBTMEAT (Rabbit meat), IRNWOOD (Ironwood)Will

Thank you everyone and a special thank you to those who participated in the Thankful pack sale!The Thankful pack is now LOCKED with a Max mint of 653. We really appreciate the amazing outflow of love and support this community has provided and continues to provide daily.You all make us so proud to be

Hello, all!My name is Kaide (CouldntDeal), Co-Founder of BlockchainRPG I would like to thank everyone for your support within the discord. Now that we have a foundation game to play, we would like to continue our efforts and expand our progress. I would like to introduce BlockchainRPG Founders 1st Edition, Character Edition - Milo card